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Funda-mentals from Steri: A total solution
Superior design,superlative performance and aggressive support.

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Centrifugal discharge, pressure leaf funda filters are compact, closed, self cleaning, multiple plate filters available with intergrated heating and drying for manufacturing, pilot and laboratory applications.
A Precise Solution
With a full range of options and knowledgeable decision support from process experts, our Funda Filters® can be precisely configured to meet your specifications. What's more, you'll benefit from the flow of design enhancements Steri has been bringing on line each year.

Funda® Filters are built in the United States by Steri technologies, one of the worlds most experienced Funda® Filter manufactures. These filters incorporate important functional enhancements designed by Steri Engineers, each with a quarter century of hands on Funda experience. With more then 6,000 systems in place worldwide, and hundreds in North America, this technology has an extensive record of reliable performance across a broad range of applications.

Many Options and Steri's applications experience assures your requirements are met
Funda® Filters by Steri are available in two basic configurations: Type R for dry cake discharge or Type A for slurry discharge. For added versatility, Type R filters can be configured for both dry cake and slurry discharge.

Steri offers a complete range of off the shelf options plus the engineering applications know-how to configure your filtration system to your specifications. With standard components proven effective many times over, it's a sure way to bring a new system on line quickly and without problems.

Filter Drive
Permitting the latest drive technology to be designed or retrofitted into the system, the top mounted drive assembly can be easily removed from the vessel.
options include

Upper Seal & Bearing Assembly
Designed to eliminate causes of failure, the seal rides on a bearing sleeve instead of the shaft, preventing shaft wear and the potential for costly repair. Since the main bearing which supports the filter nest is separated from the seal, the potential for the main bearing to fail due to a leak is eliminated, unlike bottom drive systems. Seal options include
Filter Plates
Dished filter plates with spacer rings and sealing gaskets are mounted on a hollow shaft, and secured by a tightening devise. The filter media is held in place by a clamp ring and can be quickly and easily changed. Various types of filter media are available.
Lower Bearing and Seal Assembly
Unlike bottom drive systems with proprietary seals, all seals are standard components, proven reliable in years of operation.
Filter Vessel Construction
Try & Buy Program

Think Steri for Rentals
Steri Maintains an inventory of rental filters. Available in stainless steel in sizes up to 02m2 and skid mounted for fast, easy installation, they are available for laboratory work, pilot processes and short term production runs. A rental unit can be on- line cost-effectively in just a few days.
Think Steri for Lab Filters
In addition to portable pilot and production models, Steri offers a convenient 0.01m2 filter to permit you to quickly test filtering feasibility and filter media. We would be delighted to bring it to your plant for a consultation, or provide it on a rental basis
Try and Buy
We call our rental filters our TRY-and-BUY program. Use it on a rental basis and experience filtration made easy. You'll see how simple it can be to install it in virtually any environment. You'll notice and appreciate it's compact design. You'll get glowing reports in it's ease of operation and purity of output. And when you compare value and price - made even more cost effective by the special terms available through Try and Buy - you'll select Steri for Funda® filtration made easy.