CANDLE Filter Questionnaire

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Product Information

What is the percentage of solids present?

By Volume (%)
By ppm (%)
By Weight (%)
Wet (kg/m3)
Dry (kg/m3)

Describe the liquid phase of the liquid to be filtered (Chemical or technical description)

Is the liquid (Check off as appropriate)

What is the specific gravity of the liquid to be filtered?

Enter specific gravity of liquid

What is its viscosity at filtration temperature?

Degrees F

What is its viscosity at room temperature?

Degrees F

Are the solids (in the wet and dry stage, before and after washing of the cake)

  Crystalline Crumbly Slimy Sticky Pasty Hygroscopic Not Sure
When Wet
When Dry
When Washed

What is the particle size in micron?

Average (micron)
Minimum (micron)
Maximum (micron)

What is the particle size distribution (PSD)?

Wt % <1 micron
Wt % <5 micron
Wt % <10 micron
Wt % <20 micron
Wt % <50 micron
Wt % <100 micron

What is the sedimentation speed of the solids in the slurry?


Process Information

Is the process

What is the flow rate of your continuous process?


How many gallons is your batch size?

Batch size in Gallons

How many batches per 24 hours?

Number of batches in 24 hours.

What is the time span in which a batch must be filtered?

Filtration time (hr)

Is the purpose of your filtration to obtain:

At what temperature do you wish to filter

Celsius (C)
Fahrenheit (F)

Must you wash residue in the filter?

What is the wash medium and temperature?

Wash Medium
Temperature (Fahrenheit F)

Will you dry the cake with:

Process History

What type of filter has been used for this purpose up to now?

Type of Filter

What size of filter has been used for this purpose up to now?

Size of Filter (m2)

What type of screens has been used for this purpose up to now?

Type of Screens

Do you precoat your filter?

What type of precoat do you use?

Is it necessary to add body feed?

What is the amount of body feed required, % Concentration?
Choose one:

Body Feed in pounds(lbs)
Body Feed in pounds(lbs)

What is the filtration rate in your existing filter, or obtained from tests?


What is the pressure drop in your existing filter at the end of filtration?

Cake Thickness (inches)

What maximum filter cake thickness can you achieve?

Millimeter (mm)

Filter Construction

Based on your Knowledge of your product, what materials of construction should be used for the filter?

Which material is required for your filter elements?

filter material

Which nominal micron retention size is required for your filter screens?


What gasketing material is required?

Enter gasket material

Is a jacket required?

Is insulation with a welded sheathing required?

Do you want us to supply you with a control system?

Are you interested in renting a CANDLE Filter?

Are you sure what type of filter is best for your process?

Which rental unit would you like to use?

For how many weeks would you like to rent a CANDLE filter?

Rental Weeks

Will you need installation process or operation support?

Where would you like to perform these tests?

Additional comments and application data