Turn-Key Filtration Systems

Steri Technologies has the engineering expertise to design and fabricate completely self-contained, fully automated turn-key filtration systems.

For decades now, the FUNDA filter has been used all over the world to separate solid matter from liquids. Steri plans, designs and manufactures FUNDA filters as separate units, as filter skids and as complete automated filtration systems – complete with process engineering and corresponding process guarantees.

R-80m2 FUNDA Filtration Unit

R-20m2 FUNDA Filtration Skid

On-Site Integration

Sometimes a stand-alone filter does not meet the process requirements, on-site integration capabilities, or scheduling constraints. Sometimes only a complete turn-key filtration system will meet the challenge.

Sequence Review

Steri Technologies has the experience of designing filtration systems to exacting customer specifications. Our engineers review the overall process sequence to recommend the most effective means of adding a filtration step.

Steri Filtration Made Easy – Turn-Key Filtration Systems to Your Specifications

A-15m2 FUNDA Filtration Skid with Pre-coat, Body Feed & Bag Loading System

Custom Process Systems

Steri designs and builds custom process systems that combine multiple process steps into one skid mounted assembly. Any process steps may be included such as wet & dry material injection, mixing, weighing, filtration, heating, drying and any others that might be needed. We’ve manufactured various types of stand-alone skidded systems for uses such as industrial process heaters, chilled water filtration, water desalinization, laboratory preparation and more…

HVAC Side Stream Filtration

Resulting process or filtration systems seamlessly integrate with your overall infrastructure. Our modular systems feature factory level manufacturing and quality control. All custom skids are fully tested before leaving our facility.

Brackish Water Desalination Skid

Cutting / Cooling Oil Mixing Plant

Laboratory Prep Skids

Heating / Cooling Skids

Brackish Water Desalination Plant

Cutting / Cooling Oil Mixing Plant