ZWAG Filter Driers. The Exact Solution

With ZWAG filter driers by Steri, you can depend on cost-effective performance from the most efficient manufacturer. These filter driers meet ASME or other industry standards and incorporate important functional enhancements designed by Steri engineers, each with a quarter century of hands-on ZWAG filter experience. With hundreds of systems in place worldwide, this technology has an extensive record of reliable performance across a broad range of applications. ZWAG filters are typically used as:

  • Pharmaceutical Filters
  • Vacuum Filter Driers
  • Petrochemical Filters
  • Food Industry Filters requiring FDA approval
  • Fuel and Oil Additive Filters
  • Hazardous Materials Filters
  • Precious Metal and other Catalyst Recovery Filters
  • High Solid Content Filters: up to 70%

Users appreciate the ZWAG filter’s compact design for performance excellence and simple, safe, reliable operation.

At a glance you will notice the superior design of ZWAG filters. Unlike most other filters, it’s a single, compact skid mounted unit with an uncluttered exterior designed with the operator in mind. Look beneath the clean exterior; you’ll see design excellence throughout the system that delivers a top quality filtrate efficiently, reliably and safely.

Built by Steri to the most stringent quality standards, ZWAG filters can stand up to the rigorous demands of operation with proven reliability in hundreds of applications around the world.

Safety Standards

When ordered with the optional gas-tight side discharge housing and customized seals, ZWAG filters can meet EPA standard for toxic vapor emissions. If standards are raised, modifications can be incorporated with relative ease and low cost.

Operators can safely perform all functions, including filter removal and replacement. All unnecessary handling and its associated risks have been designed out of the ZWAG filter with the integrated, fully automated vacuum drying system.