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Steri Technologies was founded in 1988 and specializes in meeting stringent filtration needs of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry. Since inception, Steri products have been installed at hundreds of locations worldwide. Steri is well known for offering its customers USA-made premium quality filtration products that provide a high degree of customization and flexibility. Steri also offers USA-based spare parts stocking and a rental program to meet short term demands.

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There are no boundaries to the successful application of liquid-solid separation by robust Steri filters and filter systems. Steri Technologies has customers all over the world in a wide array of industries. The industries listed attest to the versatility of our chemical and pharmaceutical filters, and show that nearly any process can benefit. Steri FUNDA filters, ZWAG filters and CANDLE filters are typically used as:

  • Pharmaceutical Filters
  • Chilled Water Filters
  • Nuclear Power Filters
  • Catalyst Recovery Filters
  • Fine Chemistry Filters
  • Resin Filters
  • Radioactive Waste Filters
  • Antioxidant Filters
  • Mining Filters
  • Cosmetics Filters
  • Chemical Filters
  • Food Additives Filters
  • Petrochemical Filters
  • Refining Filters
  • Food Processing Filters
  • Confectionery Filters
  • Sterile Filters
  • Fine Chemical Filters
  • Metallurgical Filters
  • Copper Mining Filters
  • Mineral Filters
  • Plastic Filters
  • UV Absorbent Filters
  • Machine Oil Filters
  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Fuel & Additive Filters
  • Gold Precipitate Filters
  • Hazardous Material Filters
  • Photo-Chemicals Filters
  • Polyol & Plasticizer Filters
  • Antioxidant Filters
  • Precious Metal Filters
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Steri Technologies is an integral part of the Purgo Holdings family of filtration products. The Purgo Holdings group is focused on building a leading platform of filtration and separation technologies in high growth water, infrastructure, process filtration, and separation markets. To learn more about Purgo Holdings, its subsidiaries, and filtration solutions, visit us at purgoholdings.com.