The Solution for Your CANDLE Filter Application

With a CANDLE filter by Steri Technologies, you can depend on cost-effective performance from the most efficient manufacturer. The fine chemistry CANDLE filter meets ASME or other industry standards and incorporates important functional enhancements designed by Steri engineers, each with a quarter century of hands-on CANDLE filter experience. This technology has an extensive record of reliable performance across a broad range of applications. Steri CANDLE filters are typically used as:

  • Pharmaceutical Filters
  • Fine Chemistry Filters
  • Food Industry Filters requiring FDA approval
  • Fuel and Oil Additive Filters
  • Hazardous Materials Filters
  • Precious Metal and other Catalyst Recovery Filters
  • Solid content: up to 2%

Theory of Operation


The slurry enters at the bottom of the filter vessel. The upward flow helps to keep the solids in suspension so that they are evenly deposited on the surface of the filter element.


The suspension is circulated through the filter elements to produce a porous precoat layer.


The filter cake is formed on the outside of the filter candle while the clear filtrate is discharged from the interior of the candles through the header. The candle can form a 5 to 25mm thick cake.

Cake Washing

The wash liquid follows the same route as in filtration. The cake can be washed or reslurried in one or more stages.

Cake Drying

The cake can be heated and dried in the vessel using hot gases, such as steam, air or nitrogen.

Cake Discharge

Discharging of the dry cake is by gentle gas expansion of the filter element, where gas is purged backwards through the filter, which pushes the dry cake off the filter surface.