How Steri Improved Their Process

We worked directly with their process engineers to understand the technical and commercial requirements and overall expectations of a new filter. The engineers wanted reliable, repeatable filtration that could discharge a dry cake. Knowing this allowed us to customize our filtration solution to meet the specific needs of the manufacturer.

Our proposed Funda Filter would provide trouble-free, contained operation, with replicable results and an efficient dry cake discharge system. The type R-5m2 Funda was appropriately sized to handle the highest solids loading and maximum catalyst volume cake at a filtration rate of 4,000 – 5,000 liters per hour. The Funda filter was designed to hold a maximum filter cake volume of 200 liters per reaction batch and process it within 90 minutes, as desired.

The Results

Since the installation of the R-5m2 Funda Filter a few years ago, the manufacturer has been extremely pleased with their investment in Steri Technologies. The Funda has made consistent, repeatable filtration an easy process. The overall quality of the equipment and the filtration performance of the filter has eliminated an offsite cleaning step in their process surpassing the manufacturers expectations.

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