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Use one of our filters on a rental basis to experience first hand, filtration testing made easy. You’ll see how simple it is to install a Steri lab filter in virtually any environment. You’ll notice and appreciate its compact design. You’ll get glowing reports in its ease of operation and purity of output. Steri maintains an inventory of FUNDA, ZWAG and CANDLE filter rentals.

FUNDA filter rentals are available in stainless steel in sizes up to 5.0m2. ZWAG filter rentals are available in 0.5m2 size and Hastelloy construction. The smaller FUNDA, ZWAG & CANDLE filters are skid mounted for fast, easy installation. Put them to use for laboratory work, pilot processes and short term production runs. A rental unit can be cost-effective and up and running in just a few days. 

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Try and Buy

All of our rental filters are automatically included in our TRY-and-BUY program. The Steri “Try and Buy” program provides credit for a portion of the rental fee toward the purchase of a full-scale filtration system. And when you compare value and price – made even more cost effective by the special terms available through Try and Buy – you’ll select Steri for FUNDA, ZWAG & CANDLE filtration made easy.

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In addition to portable pilot and production models, Steri offers a convenient 0.01m2 lab filter to permit you to quickly test filtering feasibility and filter media. We would be delighted to bring it to your plant for a consultation, or provide it on a rental basis.

Liquid-Solids Separation
and Filtration Testing in Our Lab

Steri now offers testing of your product in our laboratory. For decades now, Steri Technologies has been a leading manufacturer of Nutsche technology and pressure leaf filters.

Steri has several small scale filters in our lab that enable us to test various filter media and filter-aids to determine the most efficient filtration process for your product.

Liquid-Solids Separation and Filtration Testing in your Facility Using our Rental Units

Steri has several small-scale filters available as rental units. Scaled-down, self-contained, skid-mounted versions of our ZWAG line of Nutsche filters, our FUNDA line of pressure leaf filters, and our CANDLE type filters can be rented for in-plant pilot runs or testing. These small-scale rental filters enable you to test various filter media and filter-aids to determine the most efficient filtration process for your product.