FUNDA: Ideal for Activated Carbon Filters

With a full range of options and knowledgeable decision support from process experts, our FUNDA filters can be precisely configured to meet specifications. What’s more, you’ll benefit from the flow of design enhancements Steri has been bringing on-line each year.

FUNDA Filter are built in the United States of America by Steri Technologies, the world’s most experienced FUNDA filter manufacturers. These filters incorporate important functional enhancements designed by Steri’s engineers, each with a quarter century of hands-on FUNDA experience. With more than 6,000 FUNDA filter systems in place worldwide, and hundreds in North America, this technology has an extensive track record of reliable performance across a broad range of applications. FUNDA filters are typically used as:

  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Resin Filters
  • Catalyst Filters
  • Antibiotics Separation Filters
  • Food Industry Filters requiring FDA approval
  • Fuel and Oil Additive Filters
  • Gold Precipitate Recovery Filters
  • Hazardous Materials Filters, including Radioactive Waste Filters
  • Machine Oil Regeneration Filters
  • Photo-Chemicals Filters
  • Polyol, Plasticizer and Antioxidant Filters
  • Precious Metal Filters and others

Superior design, superlative performance and aggressive support.

Easy to buy. Easy to use

Steri will earn your business with care and continuity you can count on for the life of your filtration processes.

7m2 FUNDA Filter with CIP Manifold

Safe Efficient & Reliable

FUNDA filters are engineered for safe, efficient and reliable operations, even in the most demanding applications involving hazardous materials or sterile environments.

A Safe Solution

A contained, fully automated system protects people and the environment. Spent cake containing hazardous substances can be efficiently and safely collected for disposal.

An Efficient Solution

The FUNDA filter will not only help you reduce labor costs, but also virtually eliminate product losses with total heel recovery. Its horizontal, dimpled filter plates assure complete drainage and even cake deposition. They are self-supporting, eliminating the need for outer supports that interfere with cake discharge.

A Reliable System

Designed to minimize such problems as excessive bearing wear and seal failures, and built by Steri to the highest quality standards, FUNDA filters can meet or exceed rigorous demands of operation with proven reliability in thousands of applications.