FUNDA:  A Complete Enclosed Filter Design

The FUNDA is a centrifugal discharge, pressure leaf filter designed for liquid solid separation. It is a compact, self-cleaning, multi-plate filter with integrated heating and drying for manufacturing, pilot and laboratory applications. The FUNDA filter is a complete enclosed filter designed for pressure filtration.

The top mounted drive assembly can be easily removed from the vessel. Options include hydraulic drive or electric drive with variable speed drive system.

The seal and bearing assembly is designed to eliminate causes of failure, the seal rides on a bearing sleeve instead of the shaft, preventing shaft wear and potential for costly repair. Seal options include lip seals, stuffing box (with or without flushing), mechanical seal or hydraulic bellows seal.

Dished filter plates with spacer rings and sealing gaskets are mounted on a hollow shaft, and secured by a tightening device. The FUNDA filter media is held in place by a clamp ring and can be quickly and easily changed. Various types of media are available.

Anatomy of a FUNDA Filter