Slurry is the generic term for the liquid product before undergoing filtration. In other words, the slurry contains the solids that are to be filtered out.

Filter cake, or just cake, refers to the solids that collect on the screens of the filter plates.

No. The screens of the FUNDA filter plates are horizontal and face up, therefore the cake is stable and remains in place.

Yes. As the plates of the FUNDA Filter collect cake, the pressure required to force the liquid through the screens increases. The pressure across all plates naturally aims for equilibrium. If the cake were to build faster on one plate, flow would increase to the others thus depositing more solids there until the pressure is equal across all of the plates thus self-leveling the cake on all plates.

The remaining slurry, or heel, is drained from the FUNDA filter or pumped through the heel pipe to a nozzle on the top of the FUNDA filter leaving no liquid in the filter (Often referred as heel filtration). The slurry is directed by a distribution plate inside the head of the FUNDA filter that allows the slurry to gently cascade over the filter plates until all of the heel has been filtered.

Yes. A suitable fluid can be pumped through the cake to aid in the removal of contaminants.

Cake discharge is very simply achieved by spinning the filter plates. The cake slings off the plates and falls to the bottom of the filter.

No. Various clean in place accessories are available for the FUNDA Filter.

Yes. With the help of Steri engineering, a sequence of steps can be established utilizing sensors and remotely operated valves to permit full automatic operation of the FUNDA filter.

Yes. Steri Technologies has the experience to design and build a skid mounted system to your unique requirements.

Yes, the FUNDA filter is a self-cleaning filter. Various cleaning and CIP options are available.