100% Heel Filtration
100% Cake Drying
100% Cake Discharge
Solids concentration up to 15%. Sizes up to 100m²

FUNDA® Type “A” & “R” Pressure Leaf Filters

FUNDA-mentals from Steri: A total solution with superior design, superlative performance and professional support. Easy to buy. Easy to use…

FUNDA filters are compact, enclosed, self-cleaning, multi-plate filters available with integrated heating and drying for manufacturing, pilot and laboratory applications.

With more than 6,000 systems in place worldwide, and hundreds in North America, this “Steri” technology has an extensive track record of reliable performances across a broad range of applications. With a full range of options and knowledgeable decision support from process experts, our FUNDA filters can be precisely configured to meet your specifications.

Manufactured in the United States of America by Steri Technologies, FUNDA filters combine superior design with a program of total support that makes filtration easy from every perspective.