Agitated Nutsche Filter: Design & Options

Each ZWAG filter consists of four main parts: The vessel, the agitator assembly, the bottom plate, and the side discharge port.

The largest part of the ZWAG filter is the vessel, which is cylindrical in form with an integral spherical top. The head closes the top of the vessel and supports the agitator assembly. The vessel is built in accordance with ASME’s latest standard and is designed for pressure filtration and vacuum cake drying.

The agitated Nutsche filter has a vertically oriented shaft, with horizontal blades mounted at the bottom. The agitator is motor driven and can rotate in forward and reverse. In addition, the agitator can move vertically, driven by hydraulic cylinders. The movement of the agitator allows for cake smoothing, reslurrying, and cake discharge.

The bottom plate supports the filter screen. The side discharge employs a sealed plunger port which can be manually or automatically operated.

Any accessory that your process requires can be designed in, right from the start. Steri offers custom made containment systems that can be fitted to any nozzle or to the side discharge as needed.

Anatomy of a ZWAG Filter