Slurry is the generic term for the liquid product before undergoing filtration. In other words, the slurry contains the solids that are to be filtered out.

Filter cake, or just cake, refers to the solids that collect on the screen.

Steri recommends no more than 70% solids by volume.

Approximately 1⁄2 of the total interior volume of the ZWAG filter.

Yes, Steri Technologies ZWAG filter is a pressure Nutsche filter.

It filters mainly by using the cake itself as the filter medium. The single screen on the bottom dish is there only to start building the cake.

The agitator for the ZWAG filter has several uses. The agitator can be used to smooth the cake during filtration. This prevents fissures from forming in the cake. Fissures reduce the efficiency of filtration. The agitator can be used for mixing, washing, reslurrying, and drying. The agitator is also used to discharge the cake.

Yes, A suitable fluid can be pumped through the cake to aid in the removal of contaminants.

Cake discharge is very simply achieved by rotating the agitator and opening the side discharge port.

No. Various clean in place accessories are available for the ZWAG filter.

Yes. Steri Technologies has the experience to design and build a skid mounted system to your unique requirements.

Yes, the ZWAG filter can be portable. The largest size of portable units Steri Technologies’ offers is 0.6m2.