ZWAG: Industrial Filter Version of the Buchner Funnel

A comprehensive set of options and Steri’s applications experience assure your precise requirements are met quickly and easily.

The ZWAG Nutsche Filter is the industrial filter version of the “Buchner Funnel” except that it is designed to operate under vacuum or pressure. With numerous standard options and knowledgeable decision support from process experts, your ZWAG filter can be easily configured to meet your specifications. What’s more, you’ll benefit from the flow of design enhancements Steri has been bringing on line each year.

Various options are offered for all ZWAG Filter systems. Steri offers a complete range of off-the-shelf options. Coupled with the engineering applications know-how, we can configure your filtration system to your exact specifications. Choosing from a selection of standard components, that have been proven effective many times over, is a sure way to bring a customized filtration system on line quickly and without problems.


Your ZWAG filter is customer-configured to your specifications from standard components that have been proven effective many times over. It’s the surest way to bring a new system on-line quickly and without problems. With a complete range of off-the-shelf options plus engineering applications know-how, ZWAG filters by Steri can meet your special needs.

0.2m2 ZWAG Filter

4.0m2 ZWAG Filter

0.3m2 ZWAG Filter

6.0m2 ZWAG Filter