nutsche filter
100% Re-slurrying
100% Cake Washing
100% Cake Drying
Solids concentration up to 70%. Sizes up to 12m²

ZWAG® Nutsche Filters

Superior design, superlative performance and professional support.

ZWAG filters are a family of totally enclosed, single-plate Nutsche filters for pressure filtration and vacuum drying. With integral heating and drying, multi-functional ZWAG filters are compact vacuum filters, versatile for manufacturing, pilot and laboratory applications.

ZWAG filters have been proven effective across a broad range of processes under widely differing and extremely demanding operating conditions. They can meet the most stringent emissions standards, and will operate reliably and safely even in the most aggressive environments. You’ll find ZWAG filters to be productive in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, petrochemical and many specialty chemical processes.

Manufactured in the United States of America by Steri Technologies, ZWAG filters combine superior design with a program of total support that makes filtration easy from every perspective.